About Ultrasonic Skin Shovel

Q. What is an Ultrasonic Skin Shovel?
A. Ultrasonic Skin Shovel is an electronic device that uses acoustic sonic technology to deeply clean skin cells by producing high-frequency vibrations up to 24000 Hz per second. These high-frequency vibrations clean up deep pores and exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells.

Q. Does the Ultrasonic Skin Shovel Work on Oily Skin?
A. Our Ultrasonic Skin Shovel works on all skin types be it oily, normal, dry or sensitive. It is designed to treat facial skin deeply for a lasting effect.

Q. Is the Steel Sonic Blade of the Device Safe to Use?
A. The curved stainless steel sonic head of the facial scrubber is completely safe to use as it is not knife-sharp. Plus, it is a wireless device so there’s no transfer of current.

Q. Will the Ultrasonic Skin Shovel Make My Skin Sensitive?
A. No! The device works great on sensitive skin with deeper penetration into skin cells for better absorption of key ingredients in skincare products applied, like serums, lotions or moisturisers.

Q. Can I Use the Ultrasonic Skin Shovel on Makeup?
A. It advised using the device only after washing your face and applying a moisturiser. Frequent application of the device will give you radiant skin without any touch-up.

Q. Is the Cost too High for an Ultrasonic Skin Shovel?
A. The Plush Co. puts customer satisfaction at the top alongside a quality product. Our smart skin shovel is an exquisite device made with fine materials for a longer shelf life besides giving a luxury skincare experience. It’s an investment in luxury skincare than in luxury products.

Q. What If the Device Damages My Skin?
A. If used in moderate frequency – twice a week – it will not damage your skin. Excess of anything is bad and we do not encourage our customers to chase good skin rather believe in the skincare process. Strong swabbing, pressing or dabbing is not advisable.

Q. How to Use Ultrasonic Skin Shovel?
A. The One-button-control Ultrasonic Skin Shovel by The Plush Co. supports 3 modes – Cleansing, Moisturising and Tightening. Spray water on your face after washing it. Turn on Cleanse Mode, and glide outward and upward. It deep cleans your pores and eliminates gunk, dirt, oil, and blackheads/whiteheads.

In Moisturise Mode, first, apply a cream. Switch to the backside of the device and gently swab the sonic head to let your skin absorb. Our advanced Shovel will deep infuse serums and moisturisers you apply.
In Tightening Mode, stay on the backside of the sonic head and the Shovel’s EMS microcurrent stimulation therapy will firm up facial muscles, remove fine lines and enhance skin elasticity.