IPL hair removal

IPL Hair Removal: Price, Efficiency, IPL vs Laser Difference, and Everything You Should Know

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IPL hair removal is a familiar term for those looking for a permanent hair removal solution. It’s an effective self-hair removal treatment that works on all areas of the body and causes mild to no pain as compared to Waxing. The new light therapy is getting readily accepted for its ease of use by both men and women. Should you switch to IPL for permanent hair removal? Let’s dive in to understand how IPL works; suitable skin tone for IPL hair removal devices; how effective it is for whole body along with sensitive areas; and everything that is to know about IPL.

What is IPL & How Does it Work?

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL, as you know it, is a light treatment that uses strong light pulses to treat the desired area. Light from the IPL machine gets absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. The root gets heated and destroys the cells responsible for growing hair back.

IPL penetrates down to the dermis (second layer of the skin) and doesn’t harm the top layer of the skin, thus keeping it intact. IPL has multiple uses other than hair removal which includes:

  • Removing acne scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Signs of aging like wrinkles
  • Improve skin texture and pigmentation
  • Treat spider veins, freckles, birthmarks

IPL vs Laser Difference: Which one’s Better

IPL is not laser, however, it works on the same principle as Laser Hair Removal. Both IPL and Laser perform the same action: both direct light at the pigmentation in the hair, causing a burst of heat that damages or kills the cells that cause that hair to grow. The difference between them is in wavelengths. Where IPL uses broad spectrum wavelengths targeting a wider area, Laser uses single focused light wave.

IPL hair removal

Since Laser light is more focused, it sends strong light energy to the targeted area. One should be ready to feel a little bit of pricky sensation during the treatment. It might take 30-45mins for a Laser session depending on the area treated. IPL, on the other hand, covers a broader area with every flash, hence taking lesser time. The light energy from IPL is scattered and does not cause any uncomfortable feeling (when used in the directed intensity) hence making it painless.

IPL can be used anywhere on the body – arms, legs, back, armpits, bikini area. To go completely hair-free, 6-12 treatments are needed depending on the hair type and area treated.

How Long does IPL take to show results?

It may take 4-6 sessions for most people to see results. Generally, people need a minimum of 4 treatments, however, some troublesome areas can take up to 10 sessions to see progress. It is because IPL targets hair follicles, it can only target active hair follicles and stop their growth.

As per Dr. Anjali Mahto explains, “your hair has cycles just like your skin does. Your hair has a growth phase, a rest phase, and a shedding phase. One of the main reasons why you need to do repeat treatments with IPL or even laser is because your hairs are not all in the same phase of the cycle at the same time. So to catch all of them, and get rid of them permanently, you almost have to chase the cycles. Therefore at-home IPL treatments are often repeated every four weeks after the initial weekly treatment phase.”

Is IPL Safe, Effective?

IPL handsets are safe at-home hair removal devices and deliver permanent hair reduction with progressive treatments. It is important to note that IPL doesn’t treat each hair follicle of the targeted area in every session. As hair grows in stages, the follicles in the growing phase are only susceptible to treatment. That is why it is important to perform multiple IPL sessions to achieve lasting, permanent results.

IPL Laser Hair Removal Price in India

IPL HR handset is an economical option as compared to Laser hair removal, in which session charges are decided based on the area treated. Needless to say, it will require multiple sitting to do laser on the entire body.

IPL Handsets come in handy and treatments can be done in the comfort of home. There are multiple IPL hair removal handsets available in the market today starting from as low as Rs. 9000 and going up to Rs. 70,000. The wide price range makes it incredibly difficult for a buyer to choose the right product. Here’re a few things to keep in mind before investing in an IPL hair removal machine.

  • Quartz tube with cooling system – It brings down warmth from the flashlight
  • 300000 flashes – It minimizes the need for replacement heads
  • Skin rejuvenation (SR) system – IPL is equally effective to face scar marks, signs of aging, and pigmentation as it is for hair removal. It is rather smart to go for dual-function IPL.

What makes ThePlushCo IPL Handset unique?

ThePlushCo IPL hair removal handset is the most advanced IPL machine available in the market right now. It boasts an unparalleled design that is easy to hold. It comprises premium quality material and a high-res LCD display that shows the intensity, fan speed, and modes for easy navigation.

Its 8 intensity levels allow you to choose from a variety of settings. One can start from low-intensity level and go higher depending on the comfort level. It possess German patented technology BOROFLOAT 33 glass, which offer good light transmission, heat and impact resistance, and is sturdy. It ensures a comfortable, precise and lasting hair removal experience.

The important factor that makes ThePlushCo IPL the best choice for your next permanent hair removal machine is its efficiency. The device has shown remarkable results in just 4 sessions on both men and women. It has shown 70% hair reduction on underarm hair, legs, arms and thighs, as per the customer data. Here’re a few Before and After pics.

The device lasts a lifetime. It offers 500,000 flashes which is enough to for 10 years of use. This number of flashes can perform full body hair removal on at least 3 people. Besides the Hair Removal (HR) setting, the device features SR (Skin Rejuvenation) Mode which helps fade scars, wrinkles, and freckles, and improve skin texture and pigmentation.

How to Use ThePlushCo IPL Hair Removal Device?

Step 1: Remove hair from the area you wish to treat with IPL. It is advised to shave hair and wax since wax removes hair from the root. Do not use ant product on the treated area.

Step 2: Turn on the Power button by long pressing for 2-3 seconds. Face the IPL head onto the skin, completely covering it. In case the flash lamp is left uncovered, the machine won’t work.

Step 3: Press the Power button again to control intensity. Start with low level and work your way up higher. Before flashing, make sure to wear the glasses that come with it.

Turn on Manual mode to cover small areas like upper lips, cheeks, and forehead. Manual mode allows the device to flash only once when the button is pressed. In Auto mode, the device flashes automatically. Slowly glide the IPL handset against the skin while the machine is flashing light energy. Auto mode is preferred for larger areas like legs, arms, back, thighs, etc.

Step 4: Clean the quartz tube with a dry cloth after every use

Before and After using ThePlushCo IPL Hair Removal Handset

For those planning on starting their IPL hair removal journey, here’re a few things to keep in mind.

Before IPL Treatment:

  • Avoid using IPL on open wounds or inflamed areas
  • Exfoliate gently. Do not undergo aggressive exfoliation or microdermabrasion as it increases the risk of inflammation post IPL session
  • Shave the desired area. If waxing, do it 2-3 days before doing IPL HR.

After IPL Treatment:

  • Wear sunscreen on the treated area. An SPF of 30 and above is recommended
  • Avoid exfoliation for 1-2 days

Is your skin tone suitable for IPL treatment?

Hair removal devices work by detecting melanin in the skin. The more melanin deposition, the darker the skin, and the more difficult it is for the IPL laser handset to detect the difference between skin and hair. Those with fair to light brown skin color can effectively use the IPL without hurting their skin. Check out the below chart to know if your skin is suitable for IPL laser hair removal handset.

IPL hair removal

What to expect from ThePlushCo IPL Hair Removal Device

If you plan on starting IPL HR sessions using ThePlushCo IPL handset, you’re likely to start seeing reduced hair growth quickly. Here’s what to expect:

  • Those using ThePlushCo IPL handset have started seeing results in as early as 4 sessions.
  • Enjoy 70% reduced hair growth within a month (one session every week).
  • After a month, the session count reduces to 1-2 every month.
  • New grown hair is thinner, softer, and smaller.

It is important to note that IPL is a light therapy that targets hair follicles for permanent hair reduction. Hair thickness also plays an important factor in determining the number of treatments one needs to reduce hair growth.

Is ThePlushCo IPL Painless?

Yes, absolutely. Our IPL hair removal device is gentle and easy to use. As to what it feels like using ThePlushCo IPL laser machine on the skin, many of our customers have reported a slight warm sensation with each flash. There is no pain whatsoever while using the device on any part of the body.

In case there are some unanswered questions here, head over to the FAQs section on the Product Page. Add comments or send an email if there’s more you would like to know.