About Us

SMART SKIN CARE. That sounds better. Doesn't it?

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The Plush Co. is a small business that has embarked on a journey to reinvent personal skincare and beauty space. We started out with professional range of skin-friendly, non-invasive skin tools that work on all skin types and are safe to use at home. We believe in straightforward products that deliver proven results.

We have created a flagship range of at-home beauty devices like IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset, Ultrasonic Scrubber and LED Light Therapy Face Mask, which is uniquely designed to cater to your everyday skin needs experience. Our products are carefully selected by skin gurus to resolve common skin concerns, without posing a health threat.

With the motto of ‘Safe Skincare’ at home convenience, we got into skincare devices to provide customers with technologically-advanced functional products that positively improve their skin health. Now when the market is flooded with homegrown and global skincare players, it becomes much more important than before to be cautious about what you choose. With increasing number of researches blaming skincare ingredients to cause cancer, tumor, and reproductive toxicity, there is a major void for safe skincare options. We took a step in this direction by introducing the safest skincare devices range. We are moved by the mission to revolutionize at-home skincare treatment, one glowing face at a time. Our company is working hard to establish itself as a trusted skincare devices brand. Our products feature functional design unique to us. Our products are made with one thing in mind – Quality. We have selected limited production process over bulk manufacturing. This ensures each of our products are individually inspected and extensively tested by experts. We adhere to the highest quality standards. All our devices are ROHS, CE approved. Although the additional quality measures and compliances add to the production cost, customer trust and satisfaction come first for us.

We take pride in the fact that our products are created to last for many years, and meant to help you out every day. We hope you love it!

Meet the Founder:

Meenakshi, our Founder & Head of India Operations. A lady who’s driven by self-belief and determination to introduce innovative skincare solutions to the Indian market.

Meenakshi comes from a Creative backdrop with her studies in Mass Communication. With over a decade of experience in handling business operations for eminent companies, she envisioned starting her own brand that would be a one-stop solution to all skin woes.

Here she is with The Plush Co. – Nothing Ordinary. A brand that inculcates pride to offer gender-neutral skincare devices, especially curated by Meenakshi for Indian skin.

What Makes The Plush Co. Special

We believe in Simplifying Skincare. Where the efficiency of skincare products vary on Skin type, Skincare Devices/Tools perform equally good on everyone. The Plush Co., with its potential to break the jinx in skincare, aims to take skincare to different dimensions with its devices that:
  • Promote Good Skin Health
  • Save Time & Money Spent on Skincare
  • Stress on One-time Skin-vestment
  • Treat Skin and Nourish Skin with Ingredients-based Chemical Solutions
  • Easy to Use at Home or Anywhere
  • Are Immensely Effective

What We Do:

The Plush Co. retails high-tech luxe beauty devices for facial skin and other body parts. We sell devices that are dermatologist-recommended, tested, surveyed, and are 100% safe to use in the comfort of your home.

Meet the Team:

Our team is a bunch of passionate skincare junkies who are keen to offer technology-driven solutions beauty tools or skincare devices that cut down time and money spent on skincare products every moment. Our skincare experts after a thorough research on globally used beauty devices work with our production team that manufactures the tools especially for Indian skin (men & women both).

Skincare & Beauty Tools


SEO Manager

Surendra is our determined team member who runs the brand like a geek. His ambitious approach to make The Plush Co. explorable on Google is remarkable. A calm personality by nature but a sturdy digital player who believes it’s never too late to learn something new & achieve new heights.

Skincare & Beauty Tools


Social Media Executive

Bhavya is our young gun who triggers rush towards our brand with her polite & enticing way of working. A smart worker with eye to make impactful branding activities on social media, Bhavya brings in new-age tactics and fresh breeze to The Plush Co. family.