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Hey men, don’t treat your skin as if its just the body bag you come in. Skincare can be intimidating. One day you are just washing your face, hair and body from the same bar of soap. On the other day, you are standing at Sephora with your hands full, homeless because you just spent all your rent on skincare. And don’t even get me started on the internet and skincare – the 3485485748 product recommendations! These will either throw you off skincare forever or have you airmailing an eye cream from the USA and a neck cream from Korea.

BUT! Thats why you are here – at the only article you’ll ever need to have a practical and easy to follow the most effective men skincare routine!

Let’s go through biology first – the agenda of skincare is very simple. The skin constitutes your appearance and unless you want to be looking like a wrinkly old grandpa at 50, you suck it up and do skincare. Moreover, this body is a blessing and it is your only shield against external adversaries so you’ve got to maintain the fortress mister.

Now that the ‘whys’ are out of the way, let’s get to the ‘hows’ of ageing like a fine wine with this effective men skincare routine .

The first step to this is figuring out your skin type.


Skin type put in simple words is the neutral state of your skin. Figuring out your skin type is very easy.

If you have tight pores, your skins peels or feels flaky, or when you smile your skin feels tight – you most likely have dry skin.

In case of enlarged pores, blackheads or whiteheads, or have acne and your skin becomes slick with oil and naturally shiny – then you have oily skin

Or, if you skin shows both of the above symptoms on different areas, parts of your skin are oily and others are dry – then you have combination skin.

Lastly if nothing like the above symptoms happens to your skin – well then you are god’s favourite and you have normal skin.

Once you have your skin type down- it is much easier to navigate your way through the skincare aisle because you know what your skin needs and doesn’t need.

It is now time to get to the skincare future hot grandpa.

CLEANSE – First & foremost in an effective men skincare routine

You have to wash your face morning and evening.

Just wet your face with warm water to open your pores, and take coined sized amount of cleanser in your palm. Gently rub it on your entire face in circular motions for about 30 seconds. Then rinse with cold water to shrink back your pores and pat dry.

Easy right? See I told you!

When you followed these simple steps to cleanse your face you removed dead skin cells, dirt and debris from your face and prevented your pores from getting clogged. It also refreshed your face by removing dull skin.

DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE USING A BODY BAR SOAP – they are way too harsh for your facial skin.

Our top pick for cleanser for normal to dry skin is the Clinique for men face wash. For normal to oily skin or combination skin we recommend the Dermalogica special cleansing gel.


It is of absolute importance to exfoliate (the most part of an effective men skincare routine) your face not more than two times a week to deep cleanse your pores. It will also smoothen your skin and create a better base for the rest of the products to go on.

Now if you have normal to dry skin and remain clean shaven or have an excessively sensitive skin – I recommend you use a chemical exfoliator. An AHA exfoliator is good enough because your skin already gets physically exfoliated when you shave.

Post cleansing – apply the exfoliator all over your face (keeping away from your eyes). Keep it on from 30 seconds to absorb, you can also massage it form 30 seconds on your problem areas and then wash it off.

Minimalist AHA 25% + PHA 5% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution is a must try for chemical exfoliation.

Incase you have combination or normal to oily skin (with or without beard) you should use a physical scrub exfoliator. They will also prevent ingrown hair and acne on your face.

After cleansing your face. Wet your face with warm water and very gently massage the exfoliator in circular motion. DO NOT GO THE HULK ON YOUR FACE – being too aggressive with scrubs can cause micro tears in your skin. Do this for 30 seconds, wash off with cold water and gently pat dry.

The Mr. Burberry scrub is an excellent physical exfoliator for all skin types!


Incase you shave your face you must opt or a SLS/SLES free shaving cream. You should also steer clear of shaving foam. The creamy lather of a shaving cream creates a protective barrier over your skin and improves the glide of your razor. It also provides your skin hydration.

Before shaving your skin you could use a few drops of the Pre-Shave Oil. It will help to further hydrate the skin and soften the beard to allow the blade to glide smoothly.

After shaving use the Post-Shave Water-Gel. It has a very gently fragrance and gently soothes the skin without any sting.

If you prefer to keep a beard, it is necessary to take care of it using proper beard shampoo, conditioner and oils. The Bombay shaving company and beardo have some amazing beard maintenance kits!


The next step is toning the skin (am & pm). A toner maintains the ph levels of your skin. Not only that, it prevents acne, ingrown hair and fights signs of ageing.

To apply a toner take 4-5 drops of it on the centre of your palm, tap your hands together and gently pat them all over your face.

The best toner for oily skin is the kiehls oil elimination refreshing shine control toner for men. A great toner for moisture locking is the innisfree forest for men moisture lotion. Apart from these we have the holy grail, the king of toners , suitable for all skin types – Mario Badescu Glycolic acid toner.


The next step is to moisturise your skin, again morning and evening.

You need a moisturiser to act as a skin barrier against all the pollutants, dirt and dust. It also locks in the moisture of your skin and balances the sebum production. It also seals in all your skincare handwork.

Just take a nickel sized amount of cream in your palm and gently massage into your skin till it is relatively absorbed.

If you have normal to oily skin – I suggest a gel based moisturiser like the Neutrogena hydro boost. People with mildly dry skin can use this moisturiser too. ITS MAGIC (chef’s kiss)! And if you have extremely dry skin I would recommended something rich and creamy like Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre.

In the morning also make sure to apply a sunscreen. Skin cancer is real buddy and we want your pretty face around for a long time. Apply your sunscreen at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure so that it is completely absorbed and ready for action. The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock, SPF 50+ , the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50 and Jack Black Sun Guard SPF 45 are definitely the best picks on the market.


And now the last and final step is eye cream. The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate and this is where the first signs of ageing show. So we got to keep it tight and dashing.

Take a pea sized drop of eye cream on your ring finger. Gently tap it under your eyes and over your eyelids until it is absorbed.

PRO SKINCARE TIP: Take your skincare routine up a notch and be for lifetime, invest in a skincare tool. Our best bet is the Ultrasonic Skin Shovel by the Plush Co.

Skincare Tips for Men

This product is a genie in the bottle waiting to be unleashed! The ultrasonic skin spatula features a stainless steel curved head. The sonic head inherits Acoustic Sonic technology. releasing 24Khz/s of vibrations. The high-end device gently exfoliates pores, removes dirt, sebum, blackheads and whiteheads without the risks of scars. It is also an exceptional tool to apply your moisturiser as the vibrations break down the molecules of the serum and encourage better penetration of the products. Not only this it also lifts and sculpts your face by stimulating collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage.

Here’s a list of products men must include in their skincare routine to supercharge their skincare game:

And you are done! This effective men skincare routine hardly takes. 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night will reap results for a very long time!

Men are a little hesitant of being concerned with their vanity. You deserve this extra moment of skincare now you have the effective men skincare routine for good skin too. So, just go for it!

Have fun!

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