Ultrasonic Skin Shovel vs PMD Microderm Pro vs Foreo Luna 3

Best Face Exfoliation Device: Ultrasonic Shovel VS Foreo LUNA 3 VS PMD Personal Microderm Pro

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Hey skincare mama, Are you on the hunt for your new skincare soulmate?

The ever evolving skincare industry is saturated with new skincare tools right now, and fishing your skincare one-and-only is a tedious quest. There is such a plethora of features, aesthetics, brands, price points, blah, bla – blah – there is a lot. But as always – we got you!

Today we are taking head to head three industry beasts – the Ultrasonic skin shovel, the Foreo LUNA 3 and PMD Personal Microderm Pro. Let’s find out how they flair in our


The Ultrasonic skin shovel is the OG for exfoliation. If you struggle with blackheads, whiteheads or acne – this will shovel them out of your life. This product gently removes sebum and debris without the risk of scarring. The Ultrasonic vibrations loosen up your spores and gently push the dirt out. Very efficient and easy to use.

The Foreo LUNA 3 is more suitable for daily deep cleansing, it removes daily oiliness, dirt and cleansing for pores. It cleanses a whopping 99.5% of impurities and is super soft and conformable on your skin.

The PMD Personal Microderm Pro is more of an extraction treatment using calibrated vacuum and Patented Spinning Disc technology.  It diminishes the appearance of dark spots and blemishes. It also tightens the pores and refines the skin.


The Ultrasonic skin shovel performs skin lifting action. The shovel facilitates lymphatic drainage and stimulates collagen build up which chisels the skin, tightens it and makes it ultra smooth and radiant.

The Foreo LUNE 3 also helps in skin toning as its low frequency pulsations relax the tension points of the face and smoothen the skin.

Both the products show immediate results which are transient in nature.

The PMD Personal Microderm Pro does not show any lifting or toning effects.


If anti-aging is on your features’ list for your next skin tool purchase, then decide after reading this.

Both the FOREO LUNA 3 and The Ultrasonic Skin shovel use the EMS massage technology to target areas where we get wrinkles and fine lines, it stimulates collagen build up and lymphatic drainage and diminishes their appearance.

The vacuum suction uses the microdermabrasion technique, the suction increases the circulation and triggers the skin’s natural healing process which boosts collagen and elastin giving younger looking skin.

Both the technologies guarantee commendable real time results.


The top of the Ultrasonic skin shovel has a food grade stainless steel head, ultra-hygienic to use on your face.

Both The Ultrasonic skin shovel are made with non porous silicone which is 35x more hygienic than nylon and quick drying to prevent build up.

The PMD Personal Microderm Pro has a plastic body with silicon and a plastic top which comes in two sizes for the face and body. It comes in a compact case with a comfortably long cord.

All three of the products are lightweight, travel- friendly and made to have a comfortable grip.


The ultrasonic skin shovel is also beneficial in moisturisation, the vibrations create nano channels in the skin and break down product particles to ensure deeper penetration of the product.

FOREO luna 3 too has amazing benefits as it ensures perfect makeup prep as well as improves skin’s microcirculation for a well-oxygenated, healthy glow from the inside out.

The PMD Personal Microderm Pro can also be used on the backs of your arms to help with those pesky bumps, the back of your hands to help combat aging, and on your heels and calluses for the perfect pedicure.


All the three products are one-time investments in your skincare and last for a very long time.

The Ultrasonic skin shovel retail for Rs 20,999.

The FOREO LUNA 3 is available for Rs. 31,449

You can buy the PMD personal microderm pro Rs. 30,140


The most cost effective product out of the above three competitors has to be The Ultrasonic skin shovel. It gives outstanding three fold benefits for its price and will last you forever. It is superiorly designed in all aspects and will surely is the best investment for your money.

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