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How Worthy is Your Nighttime Skincare Routine? Let’s Find Out

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Nighttime skincare routine is the new norm. Though your body is prepared for the sheets, we wonder if you have followed the right PM skincare routine for your face.

With so much in the bucket to choose from – Skinfluencers all over the Instagram, N number of products and brands offering endless AHA, BHA skincare solutions… You are bound get confused! And we second that. The perfect night time skincare routine is the one that enhances skin health and help it repair naturally overnight. The skincare mantra is – (to) Bolster your skin cells to heal, repair from the damage endured throughout the day, and undergo natural rejuvenation to fortify your epidermal layer.

There is no perfect night time or PM skincare routine but if you have your basics in place, you are good! Let’s put spotlight on the skincare regime that works for you:


An oil for an oil is the secret to cleansing!

NEVER use a water-based cleanser first! It will not cleanse your facial pores deeply. Why? Because oil and water just don’t mix. Use an oil-based cleanser first, or a cleansing balm directly on your skin without diluting it with water, then take a little bit of water to lather. This will make your skin squeaky clean, and yes, it works for all our oily skinned women and men too.

A girl washing her face with cleanser

For the “double part”, use a gentle, daily micro-exfoliant to deep cleanse your skin and really get rid of the filth settled in your pores.


A toner is an absolute necessity to balance the pH levels (5.5) of your skin, means good skin health. It refines your pores and shrinks them. Try to use one with active ingredients like lactic acid and salicylic acid as they gently exfoliate and clean your pores. A toner will make your skin-tone more even and the surface of your skin smoother. Using a toner consistently will make your skin look airbrushed. A must-have skincare essential for both men and women.

Man applying skin toner



Give your skin a little extra affection by using weekly face masks in your PM skincare routine. They really take your skincare up a notch and make your skin… just heavenly. Moreover, they are an irresistible opportunity to just relax, kick your feet up and manifest some self-love and -care.

Use an exfoliating mask for chemical exfoliation to clean your pores or use a kaolin/bentonite clay mask to absorb excess oils and mattify. There are a wide variety of skin care available masks in the market – some targeting skin issues and deficiencies, and the others enhancing your skin’s glow and texture. So go all out!


Retinol is the new skin care secret revealed!

The most talked about skincare element award goes to Retinol. It is a miracle ingredient which single handedly saves your skin… An anti-ageing product that fights sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol makes your skin tone more even and tightens your skin. Retinol shrinks your pores and inhibits sebum production. And if that isn’t enough, it also boosts collagen production. There can’t be enough good things said about it – so just use it already!


Never ever skip on moisturiser no matter your skin type. A moisturiser repairs and replenishes your skin overnight.

It is the water your skin drinks – you need it for your skin’s life.

 You can use a gel-based moisturiser if your skin is oily and your pores get clogged easily – it absorbs right into your skin and is light as air. Alternatively, you can use a rich, creamier one if your skin is dry or flaky. Moisturiser will protect your skin’s water barrier through the night and prevent loss of moisture.


It is a hard must to have a dedicated eye cream. The skin under your eyes is thin and delicate and you need an eye cream to rebuild moisture and skin barriers. Preferably use one with ceramides and hyaluronic acid.


PRO Skincare Tip: The skin on your neck and the back of your hands is the same as the one under your eyes so use your eye cream on them too to fight wrinkle ad signs of ageing. These are the parts where ageing shows up first.


Honey, YOU NEED SKINCARE TOOLS in your armoire if you want to win your skin battles. Skincare tools are the new age weapons to fight skin adversities. They take out your skinemesis like a total OG.

One of the most versatile and multi utility tool has to be facial scrubber also known as face spatula or skin shovel. This product features a stainless-steel curved head which inherits Acoustic Sonic technology and infuses high-frequency vibrations. It effectively exfoliates your pores and removes the dirt, sebum, blackheads and whiteheads without the risks of scars. The supersonic skin spatula is also an exceptional tool to make applications of serums for deeper penetration and make them work better on your skin. The strong sonic vibrations break down the molecules of the serum and help its ingredients reach skin cells underneath.

Ultrasonic Skin Spatula


Not only this, the ultrasonic skin scrubber lifts and sculpts your facial muscles by stimulating collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage. Relish night time skincare luxury with The Plush Co.

Stay tuned for more skincare tips. Write back to us at for the blogs on topics that have remained unanswered for you so far.

Author: Tanisha Gupta

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