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Monsoon Skin Care Tips: Skincare Routine for Healthy Glow this Rainy Season

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The droplets of water, the scent of wet grass, the dew dripping from leaves and the caressing wind – what a mood! Monsoon is the time when you hope to get filmy but wait, where you want to be dancing around in the rain looking like a goddess like Aishwarya Rai from Guru, you are sitting at home frustrated, debating what vendetta your skin has against you. Well, let us tell you- its not you, its monsoon killing your vibe!

Even though its temperature and atmosphere are a remedy for the soul, they are also the catalyst for many skin anomalies like oily skin, pesky acne and rashes. But hey! Let’s throw caution to the oh-so-tantalising wind because you know – it shall too pass…


Chalking these anomalies up to fleeting, seasonal issues many people do not consult doctors or take the appropriate treatments which increases the risks and long term effects of these problems. These problems could range from scratched away acne marks to bacterial and fungal infections! Don’t forget- these effects aren’t transient!

So, in order to equip you with all the know-how that you need, here is a breakdown of four common skin concerns during the monsoon and your perfect monsoon skin care regimen.


If monsoon makes your pores look weirdly enlarged, and your acne takes monopoly over your face – there is a possibility you have an infection. Monsoon season is a primed womb for breeding of various bacterial and fungal infections. Facial folliculitis is one of the most common occurrences during this season – it is the excessive inflammation of hair follicles. It is also replaced by or accompanied with acne and ringworm.

Phenomenon such as sweating, dehydration, humidity and photo toxic effect of the sun make you more susceptible to these problems.

Nothing a good bubble bath can’t fix. Having regular cleansing baths – using pore cleansing face washes and exfoliators, body scrubs and pore unclogging facial tools (such as skin shovels) is very effective. Staying out of the sun and using adequate amount of sunscreen (use the two finger rule) is crucial. And most important is to drink plenty of water and to STAY HYDRATED!


oily skin with pimples

Having skin which is glowy – but not the kind that you want is probably your alert for Hyperhydrosis which is the condition when your body produces an excessive amount of sweat. Your armpits, palms, soles of feet, face, scalp and torso are the most effected areas. This also causes you to have oily skin, hence making your skin’s pores clogged and your skin more acne prone.

The most widely accepted solution for this condition is again a romp with the bubbles – having regular and deep cleansing baths – the OG monsoon skincare. People with exceptionally severe cases are often prescribed botox by dermatologists. Botox treatment does not only have cosmetic benefits but also medical pros which are used to treat several muscle and nerves disorders. Lastly, It is of utmost importance to give a little extra TLC to your personal hygiene.


Unchecked exposure to the sun without adequate protection can cause dark spots and patches on your face – this is called hyperpigmentation. It is medical condition due to the overproduction of melanin. This is fairly common and innocuous especially in countries like India.

This is your perfect excuse (not that you need any) to whip out your hat and sunglasses – limiting your sun exposure is a prerequisite to prevent hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation can be treated by using vitamin c serums (am & pm) which are skin lightening agents. If you have a severe case, worry not! A huge variety of laser treatments are also available on the consultation of a dermatologist.


If your skin is itchy, irritated and looking like a tomato it is because you have dry skin. Using a gel based moisturiser (keeping the weather in mind) and drinking a lot of water is the most effective solution. In case your condition is extremely severe – you might be dealing with Eczema which is a non contagious condition when your skin becomes red, itchy and inflamed. It is accompanied by a very rough and cracked appearance of the skin with the formation of boils. This condition is extremely uncomfortable and the incessant itching sometimes causes bleeding which in turn invites secondary bacterial infections.

First and foremost- NEVER ITCH DRY SKIN! Preventive measures include staying away from any possible and known allergens – such as dirt, dust, pollens, animals and furs. The biggest enemy to this condition is moisture. Having thoroughly and deeply moisturised skin ensure having a healthy skin. Using light and absorbent moisturiser in the morning and a thick potent moisturiser at night has proven to be very effective. You can also use skin care tools which help the product to really penetrate through the layers of your skin and boost hydration.

Ultrasonic Shovel - The Plush Co.

All these steps and products can be very overwhelming to research, pick and buy. But we got you! We have found you the ultimate solution to all your monsoon skincare issues – the ultrasonic skin shovel. This shovel is equipped with a sonic head made up of high-quality stainless steel and features a curved design which is more fitting to human face and offers three incredible modes. It works on the principles of Acoustic Sonic technology producing sonic waves at the rate of 24000Hz per second. These high-frequency vibrations clean up deep pores, remove dirt and sebum (whiteheads and blackheads) and exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells. This is the cleansing mode.

This devices also has a Moistursie mode which hydrates the skin for better elasticity and suppleness. It helps to combat the dryness and itchiness and prevents eczema, The vibrations of the device break down the larger molecules of serums applied on the face so they can reach the deeper skin cells for better absorption.

Not only this but the product also has a Lifting mode which helps in anti ageing. The intense voltaic waves when dabbed and swabbed on the face boost blood circulation and activate deep skin cells to stimulate collagen synthesis, diminish skin ageing and tighten skin layers.

Conclusion and summary.

To beat the adverse effects of monsoon follow the simple everyday practices mentioned below-

1. Regular, deep cleansing baths – with pore cleansing face washes and micro exfoliants even if you don’t have oily skin.

2. Invest in skin care tools such as a skin shovel to unclog your pores, deep cleanse the skin and also thoroughly moisturise the skin.

3. Avoid sun exposure and never forget sunscreen.

4. Stay hydrated inside out! Moisturise your skin with a gel based cream positively and drink plenty of water.

Happy Monsoon!

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