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Oily Skincare Routine for More Hydrated Face

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Having skin that sweats even though there is no heat, skin that makes your makeup slip n slide like a water ride, skin that you need to keep blotting like a nervous wreck… Well yes, you have an oily skin and that’s fine!

Oily skin means the layer of sebaceous glands under your hair follicles are hyperactive. But you are not alone, honey! The most common skin type is actually the one you are battling with.

Oily skin can be due to a variety of reasons – your diet (but we all know you can’t give up cheeseburgers), your genetics, stress (life!) and of course, the climate. Although the dewy look is exactly the JLo vibes you want to manifest but the huge pores and uneven skin texture is definitely a damper on your dreams.

But did you believe the ear-whispering about making your skin dry to combat oily skin? YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG! There is a monumental difference between oil and hydration. Oil is waxy and is a fighter for your skin but hydration is the water your skin drinks to remain plump and juicy. All the anti-acne products you keep piling on your face make your skin flaky and prone to cracks, breaks, tears, and infection but you need your skin’s soulmate – hydration, to be your knight in shining armour against these adversities.

In fact, there is one awesome news for you – people with oily skin retain youthful, wrinkle free skin for a much MUCH longer part of their lives.

Oily skin isn’t actually as tricky to handle as you might think! Using the right skincare products can help you achieve your skincare goals. But scourging through the internet for formulas after formulas with words you don’t understand can be hard – but we got you!

Here is a perfectly curated skincare regimen to give your thirsty oily skin a tall hydrating drink.


A girl cleansing her face

The holy grail of oily skin!

It is in fact important to use a cleanser in the daytime and in the night.

You need one that will clear excess oil and dead skin without stripping your skin. One of the best ingredients to have in your cleanser is salicylic acid as it not only cleanses thoroughly but also prevents build up in your pores.


girl applying toner with cotton pad

Y’all majorly underestimate the super powers of a good toner. The ideal pH level of your skin is actually 5.5 and you need an alcohol-free toner to maintain that. A toner balances the pH of your skin and maintains ideal skin conditions. Having a toner with glycolic acid or lactic acid is the most ideal for oily skin. These are active ingredients that improve the tone of your skin and smoothen skin texture.

And you want to know a secret?

A toner is what makes your skin look like it has a filter on in real life.


A girl applying moisturiser on her face


Oily skin can get dehydrated too – having slick skin doesn’t mean its deeply hydrated. 

You need clean hydration. Using a light weight, water-based moisturiser is a pre-requisite for healthy skin.

In the AM, you should use something with benzoyl peroxide or sulphur to prevent oils from taking your face hostage. And, never skip on sunscreen – use a UVA/UVB protection, hypoallergenic sunscreen other than your moisturiser (and reapply every 2 hours).

During the night, using a retinol and tea tree oil-rich moisturiser help clean out pores and give skin a healthy glow. Using a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid is also highly advised to lock in the moisture molecules.


It is important to give your skin a little TLC with skincare tools. You don’t have to pick at your skin and pop pimples anymore – I know I KNOW it’s satisfying but it scars your face in more horrible ways than you can imagine. Use a skin scrubber instead because it is the most effective skin treatment for oily skin type.

A sonic face scrubber gently is the new-age skin solution that effectively removes dead skin cells, sebum, blackheads and whiteheads and cleanses your pores deeply. It exfoliates your skin without risking to scar it.

The Ultrasonic Skin Shovel (face scrubber) by The Plush Co. is one such hidden gem. Its stainless-steel head cleanses your pores and also helps moisturiser to penetrate into your skin by breaking down its molecules. Its curved surface high the contours of your face and help in lifting and sculpting your face by stimulating collagen build up.

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