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Skincare Tools to Swear by for a Sculpted Face

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Ever heard that there’s not much we can do about our chronological age? Let’s burst this myth for you today. Cheers to the newest research, we can control how we age and how aging mirrors on our skin. We aren’t going to tell you what you have been told numerous times on diet, hydration, products, and blah, blah. Level UP – All you need now is a skincare tool that meets your skin requirements and type.

The fresh Gen Z DIY healthy life mantra sets the stage for the era of change, growth, experimentation, and transformation. This led to a warm introduction of high-tech skincare tools in the market as the demand soared. Gen Z actually catalyzed the need for amalgamation of tech and skincare when they decided that the intellect and the body are not the only things that require a workout – but the skin does too.

Skincare tools, the brand-new gleaming toy of the skincare industry, have a reputation for being gimmicky but we’re here to assure you some real game-changers that will make your skin age in reverse.

The plight with incorporating a skin tool into your daily routine is that they’re an attractive monetary investment that you can’t test on a stand before committing to. We have researched for you in such a way that you can upgrade your home skincare routine and hold a burst from the weekly visits to your facialist. You don’t have to hold our utterance for it because these are the TOP 3 FACIAL TOOLS that are a buzzword among skincare enthusiasts and influencers:

Ultrasonic Face Shovel

A girl holding an Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber by The Plush Co. in her hand
Embracing the Elegance of The Plush Co. Ultrasonic Skin Shovel

Just as its name suggests, this ‘supersonic’ product should be your new skincare bestie. New to the Indian market and that many are unaware of its game-changing capabilities, the product is already a household name in the Korean, Japanese and American skincare industry. Equipped with a sonic stainless steel-head, the Shovel generates high frequency electronic waves at the rate 24000Hz per second that penetrates deep into your skin to eradicate blackheads and whiteheads. It comes with a curved shape head to sculpt your face like a Greek goddess. Swab it gently against the surface of your face to stimulate collagen building and lymphatic drainage, and to chisel your face.

Not only that, you can use the ultrasonic skin shovel for pore extraction – gently and effectively exfoliating your skin to remove blackheads and whiteheads. It’s additionally a marvel for serum infusion as the sonic waves break down the molecules of your serum and helps it to permeate deeper into your skin. Our TOP PICK is the Ultrasonic Skin Shovel by The Plush Co. – it’s packed with features for the price you pay.

Gua Sha

A girl using Guasha on her face

Gua Sha ‘gotcha’ all of us a big time! Popular amongst many, the product has got nothing to do with tech but with intellect. Designed solely and only to sculpt your face to the heavens. Derived from ancient Chinese medicine practice this skincare tool is shaped according to your facial muscles – zygomatic muscles and jawline especially, contouring and toning your face making your skin look more lifted and sculpted.

Not only this, Gua Sha also relieves pain and tension in and around the facial muscles. It comes in various stones like rose quartz, jade, black obsidian, etc. that are infused with spiritual benefits. During the therapy itself, one can feel the lightness of the mind and soul. Amen!

Gold Sculpting Bar

A girl holding Gold Sculpting Bar in her hand

Hail the future of applying facial creams – we have the high-end, luxury-infused, 24k gold sculpting bar. This sculpting tool (generally used with creams) is rubbed over the skin to stimulates facial muscles and tone them. This especially helps to fight the monsters under your bed (the ones you know exist but you pretend they don’t)- your tech lines. Your tech lines are the horizontal lines that you form on your face from bending down all day to stare at your phone! This product sculpts, vibrates, penetrates, and the best part? Our beloved Jennifer Aniston swears by it!

We will keep on introducing you to the changing dynamics in the skincare industry. It’s just the beginning of having the best skin treatment from your own hands at your home, forever. Stay tuned!

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Author: Tanisha Gupta

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