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Brutal Truth: You Can’t Reclaim Your Lost Youthful Skin

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DISCLAIMER: Be prepared to dump all your skincare products after reading this blog.

We all have had tonnes of skincare routines penned in notebooks to reclaim our lost glowing skin. With time, a lot many skincare products have entered the market and our lives, claiming to be organic, gender neutral, cruelty free and so on… to give you the glow you’ve been chasing. How many us of ever thought of having a ‘skincare device’ that resolves all skin issues? Ever wondered when there can be a massager to relax muscles, Gua Sha to tone facial skin, derma rollers for fine lines, WHY nothing ‘smart’ enough to take care of all your skin needs?

Say Hi! to Ultrasonic Skin Shovel by The Plush Co. The wireless beauty tool that’ll end all your skin woes. Our tool is advanced, clinically tested, chic, and the most effective exfoliation tool present in the market. Scrub, massage, exfoliate, remove blackheads/whiteheads, do all that you want to for your skin with our all-in-one skin spatula.

Ergonomically designed, the curved-head shovel produces endless 24000 HZs of vibrations per second, dismantling the underlying gunk in your skin. Such powerful sonic waves are a result of the acoustic sonic technology embedded in our skin device that safely cleans up your skin.

That’s not it! This multi-functional smart skincare device not only cleanses your skin but also deep infuses moisturising serums into skin and also tightens facial muscles for a youthful skin.

How it Works?

Ultrasonic Cleansing
Ultrasonic Cleansing
Ultrasonic Shovel Moisturising Mode
Ultrasonic Shovel Moisturising Mode
Ultrasonic Shovel Lifting Mode
Ultrasonic Lifting Mode

Here we will not go gung-ho about the product. The technology is as simple as the device. The aim is to better utilise even the basic moisturiser or toners or serums you have. Putting an end to endless chains of purchasing skincare products for different skin issues.

The Cleansing Mode utilises 24000HZ of frequency to dig out all the dirt under the skin, including stubborn blackheads and whiteheads by breaking the molecules.

The Moisturising Mode comes into action once you flip to rear blade. High frequency vibrations deep infusing moisturising solution into the facial skin for a lasting effect. This cuts down the possibility of lotions evaporating or getting dried up with time. All the key ingredients are deep infused with the acoustic sonic technology. And yes, you can do it yourself with just a swab.

The Lifting Mode attracts the ions of your facial skin, allowing the food-grade clinically safe sonic blade to tighten up muscles by massaging.

This blogpost is to assure you that we are supporting ‘skin-vestment’ for once and for all. We endorse skin positivity. The glow lost with age will not return but your charm, flawlessness, skin breathability, elasticity, clarity, and skin firmness CAN.

Love the skin you are in! ♥

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