skin care tools to mimic salon experience

5 Skin care Tools to Mimic Salon Experience at Home

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If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we can mimic our favourite facial treatments at home with the right facial tools. We have access to advanced skin care tools that clears blackheads/whiteheads, removes body hair permanently, lifts face, removes wrinkles and puffiness, and much more. Some of these tools like LED Mask, IPL Hair Removal are backed by extensive research talking about their benefits when included in skincare routine.

Not just it’s great to DIY skincare treatments whenever you want, it also delivers significant skin improvement at a cost effective price. Including them to skincare routine boosts skin health and make products work better. Since at-home skin care tools have lesser intensity, they can be used more regularly to achieve desired results.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 skin care tools that you must include in your skincare routine. These devices ensure to achieve good skin while being gentle and easy to use.

1. IPL Hair Removal Handset

theplushco ipl hair removal device

IPL is the latest trend for at-home skin restoration and permanent hair removal. ThePlushCo IPL is one such device that perform dual function of ‘Skin Rejuvenation’ and ‘Hair Removal’. The device is effective in reducing 70-80% hair growth in 6-8 weeks. This powerful machine has a large capacitor that offers higher energy than other IPL handsets in the market. This enables ThePlushCo IPL to deliver quick and evident results as laser hair removal.

Not just it can remove hair permanently, but also offers ‘Photofacial’. The light therapy restores natural suppleness of the skin and fade pigmentation and scar marks. It also helps with erasing signs of ageing with regular use.

The device is compact with elegant design, and comes with a charger and glasses.

Availability: ThePlushCo | Price: Rs. 18999 | Amazon: Rs. 19,999

2. Ultrasonic Skin Shovel

theplushco ultrasonic scrubber

Possibly one of the most revolutionary devices in skincare, Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber works on the principle of high-frequency ultrasonic waves. This skincare tool uses 24000Hz vibrations to de-gunk clogged face pores and make skin squeaky clean.

The electric scrubber vibrates the deeper layers of skin to briefly open pores, and gently loosen and scrape away dirt, debris. Being the most gentle form of exfoliation, the scrubber is a terrific choice for people with sensitive, over-sensitive, rosacea-prone, or acneic skin. It can tenderly exfoliate the skin while simultaneously gathering what’s being cleaved off.

Availability: ThePlushCo, Amazon | Price: Rs. 8999

3. Micro-needling device

Microneedling, also known as ‘collagen induction treatment,’ stimulates collagen formation with ultra-fine needles. It’s an effective solution to reduce appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet; in short, take years off your face.

Micro-needing device is easy-to-use and comes in two types – Manual and automatic. Manual micro-needling device called dermaroller is comparatively cheaper than automatic Pen style micro-needling tool, a one-time investment. Both the variants regenerate skin and help reduce appearance of acne scars, enhance skin suppleness, and reduce the depth of wrinkles.

The procedure makes skin a little red and irritated for a day or two if done correctly, but there’s usual. The procedure punctures skin cells, hence activating body’s immune mechanism to kick in and work on the micro-needled area first.

Availability: Amazon | Price: Rs. 6999

4. LED Face Mask


You might not believe this but NASA developed LED treatment decades ago to aid in the development of plants and vegetables! But nowadays, our preferred beauticians employ this amazing skin health device to rejuvenate skin cells in order to prevent ageing and treat acne.

It is becoming the go-to for anti-ageing benefits including decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. Since our skin absorbs the spectrum of light, this helps stimulate collagen creation.

But that’s not all, the LED Face Mask is capable of much more. This stimulation of the epidermis can also help to reduce inflammation and improve fluid circulation.

Because it targets sebaceous oil glands and eliminates germs, it is excellent for acne-prone skin and active outbreaks. It can also aid in the reduction of scarring caused by breakouts that you might’ve had. Simply put, this is one of the best high-tech devices you can use for a contact-less skincare experience!

Did this pique your curiosity? Are you interested in finding out more? Don’t worry, you can learn all you need to, just click here. Or, you can just head on over to make a purchase.

Availability: ThePlushCo, Amazon | Price: Rs. 17,999

5. Philips Lumea IPL 9000 Series

Ever wanted to experiment with laser hair removal? Well, here is your chance. The Philips Lumea is your mini hair removal miracle. This product features the SenselQ technology which guarantees 92% hair reduction in just 3 sittings. That’s right, just t-h-r-e-e. This product is fast, efficient and easy.

Your pocket IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) solution gives you 6 months of hair-free skin. This smart product understands your skin and its minutest colour changes (due to sun) to select a comfortable light setting. It ensures every nook and crony of your body is hairless with its 4 intelligent attachments tailored for every body part.

Availability: Amazon | Price: Rs. 79,750