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Luxury Face Massage, Cleansing Machines, More: Top 5 Beauty Devices in India

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Excuse me, I’ll take a serve of trending Korean skincare with a side of luxe beauty. Face massage machine, cleanser machine, scrubber machine and more.

Luxury is the extra oomph of life. Sure, you can use a $100 serum for the back of your ears and call yourself a boujie babe. But why not take it one step up a notch. Why not take your reputation to another level. Why not … buy some luxe skincare tools.

Yeah, I said it. Some would say “But aren’t these bars of gold in the skincare industry have a pitiable reputation of being a hoax, a waste of money” but honey, exceptions are always there.

Splurge a little, live that extravagance! And if you are truly ready to give your skincare that upgrade, to get a better-than-salon experience right in the comfort of your home – this article is for you. Here is a curated list of 5 best luxe beauty devices like face massage machines, cleansing machines and much more – that are worth every penny!

Dyson Corrale Straightener


It is a class A secret what the engineers over at Dyson breathe instead of normal human air because the new ELLE International Beauty Awards 2021 winner is the ultimate champion of hair styling products. This product is revolutionary! The Dyson Corrale straightener helps achieve a variety of styles from curls and waves to smooth straight with minimal damage.

This product uses unique flexing plates technology that achieves the most perfect styles with much less heat than other stylers. It never exceeds the set temperature and gives you more control.

This amazing product causes 50% less breakage and the best part? You can use it corded or CORDLESS.

Availability: Amazon, Flipkart | Price: Rs. 42,900

Philips Lumea IPL 9000 Series


Ever wanted to experiment with laser hair removal? Wellm here is your chance. The Philips Lumea is your mini hair removal miracle. This product features the SenselQ technology which guarantees 92% hair reduction in just 3 sittings. That’s right, just t-h-r-e-e. This product is fast, efficient and easy.

Your pocket IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) solution gives you 6 months of hair-free skin. This smart product understands your skin and its minutest colour changes (due to sun) to select a comfortable light setting. It ensures every nook and crony of your body is hairless with its 4 intelligent attachments tailored for every body part.

What else do you want people – just get it!

Availability: Amazon | Price: Rs. 79,750

The Plush Co.’s Ultrasonic Skin Shovel

the plush co ultrasonic skin scrubber

My personal favourite – this product is your new skincare holy grail. It is a face massage machine cum scrubber-cleanser machine that deep cleans, moisturises and sculpts. What more do we need?

Equipped with a sonic stainless-steel head, this device produces high-frequency sonic vibrations. It features a curved shape to sculpt your face to the heavens. Push it gently against the surface of your face to stimulate collagen building and lymphatic drainage, and to chisel your face.

The Ultrasonic Shovel face massage and cleansing machine is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your palm. It’s anti-slip Silicon design gives you a sturdy grip and at the same time feels soft to touch.

Talking about its other features, you can use this for pore extraction- gently and effectively exfoliating your skin in real-time to remove blackheads and whiteheads. It is also a marvel for serum infusion as the sonic waves break down the molecules of your serum and help it to permeate deeper into your skin. It’s water-resistant, shook-proof, and highly effective. This product is like a multi-tasking workaholic – it never disappoints! The device is perfect if you’re looking to a replacement to your monthly clinic visits.

Availability: Amazon, Flipkart, and The Plush Co. Company Site. | Price: Rs. 20,999

NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer


Next in the list is the facial toning tool that works on advanced micro-current technology. This luxury skincare device is known to improve facial contour, tone facial muscles and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The micro-current technology stimulates the cells of your face and neck area when massaged. This creates a tingling sensation as the light current makes your dermal layer active and activates collagen under the skin. It comes with separate massager attachments for Eye and Lip area.

Availability: Amazon | Price: Rs. 23,200



If you are someone who loves masks, then FOREO UFO is what you should go for. The UFO range by Foreo encompasses sonic technology together with LED to stimulate skin cells and boost penetration of sheet masks through its UFO range of face massage machines.

Simply secure FOREO mini sheet mask into the device and roll it slowly over your face. The Flash Thermotherapy will open pores and infuse mask ingredients into the skin. It’s Flash Cryo-Therapy cools down the skin to lift and firm skin. It comes with 3 LED mode settings: RED (anti-aging), GREEN (brightening) and BLUE (anti-acne).

Availability: caretobeauty| Price: Rs. 35,015