Dull Dry Skin/Face

3 Reasons You Have Dull Skin; It’s Prevention and Treatment

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Imagine this, you wake up in the morning after a sound night of unbroken sleep (finally… *phew*). You’re feeling energetic and you want to jump out of bed, attack the day and achieve your goals. So, you walk to the sink to freshen up and get going and… damn it! your skin look like it spent the night in an underground boxing ring? All beaten and tired-looking? Just… dull? And that probably disheartens you, after all, how are you going to tackle the day if u can’t even tackle the dullness besieging your pretty face!?

If you’ve ever had this dull skin disheartening, then don’t worry, that’s exactly what we will tackle here.

There are a plethora of skincare products on the market that claim to restore shine to dull skin, but it’s almost like there are too many solutions to actually help you. So, you just give up and lose hope, or on the contrary, you buy everything in sight, try it all with half-patience and then nothing ends up working.

Dull Skin

Oh, calamity! However, there are things you can do to keep your complexion appearing youthful, and you don’t have to be hopeless or desperate, you can try this from the comfort of your home.

Identifying what causes dull skin and starting a daily skincare routine may often help you keep your shine and keep dull skin at bay. By the end of this blog, you’ll have the insights and tools to understand what causes dull skin and treat it. Now let’s jump into things

What Causes Dull Skin?

So, to start off, what in the world actually is this abomination of dull skin and pale complexions. And why does our skin lose its colour, freshness and glow?

Well, dull skin is actually related to how the light falling on you reflects off of it. How does this matter you ask? Well, when your skin is healthy and vibrant, your cells are all happy and joyful in their flawlessness, then your skin acts as a mirror and the light bounces off of it very well.

This is often related to the inherent levels of hydration within the cell structure, which is also why ripe fruits are shinier when they are fresh, becoming duller as they dry out.

Nice, but how does that help you? Well, we will tackle that soon enough, but remember, if your cells are not in good health then they will appear dull since less light will bounce off of them.

Reasons for Skin Dullness

There are obviously a plethora of reasons why your skin behaves the way it does, and dullness is no exception. Let’s cut straight to the chase and dive into the reasons behind your skin dullness.


Oh yeah, the big evil in skincare land, ageing is basically the root of all your problems. And guess what, as you age, it becomes easier for your skin to become dehydrated and dry out, causing the dullness.

That isn’t all though, because collagen production slows down too, hampering the active regeneration of cells.

UV exposure

Sun damage is another prevalent cause of dull skin. Many people believe that the sun gives their skin a healthy shine, but this is not the case.

Dull Skin

UV radiation from the sun damages your skin cells and can even cause deadly disorders such as melanoma. UV radiation can also make your skin seem tired and lacklustre.

Dehydrated Skin

Finally, plain old-fashioned dehydration is a major cause of dull skin. There’s a strong possibility your skin may seem dull if it doesn’t get the moisture it needs to be healthy.

Dehydrated skin can be caused by a variety of circumstances, although there isn’t always a clear cause. Sometimes dry skin is unavoidable. It might be the weather, a little disease, or simply a lack of water in your skin cells. All of these factors might contribute to the appearance of dull skin.

Dull Skin Treatments to Follow

There are many ways and remedy-mad measures you can take to restore your skin’s natural beauty and radiance. But whatever you do, you need to make sure that it is sustainable and it can be maintained. So if you want to brighten up your dull skin, we have some simple ideas for you!

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and helps your skin seem brighter, as we all know. But, are you exfoliating properly?

Natural facial exfoliators should always be used instead of harsh synthetic exfoliants like microplastics. If you have normal skin, exfoliate once or twice a week; if you have oily skin, exfoliate two to three times a week.

To brighten dull skin, you may also use a DIY exfoliating mask. But perhaps the most effective exfoliation in my experience is through the use of ultrasonic wave-based technology. Ultrasonic skin scrubbers, which are made of metal and use high-frequency vibrations transmitted by sound waves to change the skin from cell to cell, use vibration to cleanse the skin. I can attest to the fact that they are some of the gentlest and most thorough means of exfoliation available on the market.

Pick Products Carefully

It’s critical to select skincare products that include the most helpful chemicals while avoiding those that contain hazardous elements.

Apply products containing vitamin C, peptides, niacinamide, and alpha-hydroxy acids like glycolic acid to brighten dull skin. On the other hand, try to avoid alcohols, parabens, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfate-containing products (SLS).

Take Rest

Sleep deprivation may cause skin issues as well as increase stress levels. Increased stress levels might lead to skin issues and even more, difficulty sleeping. Don’t fall prey to this deadly loop!

Make time for soothing activities if you’re stressed out. Give yourself some quiet time to decompress, whether it’s through yoga, reading, or soaking in a hot bath.

It’s also important to obtain enough beauty sleep. Attempt to sleep for at least six hours each night. It’s best to sleep for seven to eight hours. Maintaining a peaceful and well-rested state will aid in the prevention of dull skin and give you a healthy, radiant glow.

Signing Off…

There is a dearth of ways in which you can take care of your skin but the most effective and actionable ways have been listed above. If you have any more suggestions or additions, drop them in the comments below and we’ll be back again with more suggestions for the health of your precious skin.