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Skin Whitening Treatments in India: The Rise of Glutathione & BB Glow

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Skin whitening treatments have seen an uptick around Asian and African countries in the past few years. Increased number of women and men alike are now delving into newer and more exotic solutions to lighten their skin, even if those measures aren’t approved clinically. Fair skin mania had been prevalent ever since among all sections of the society, and in the Covid era, we can credit its increased demand in cross-culture inspirational idols. 

Often associated with class, nobility and esteem, fair skin is further glamourised and made appealing through the massive boom of K-drama and K-pop stars. With a huge market for the South Korean content in many Asian countries, lots of everyday people wish to emulate their favourite stars. Coupled with a historic and cultural preference for fair skinned people, many are pushing the envelope when it comes to finding ways to lighten their skin.

Skin Whitening Procedures in India

Indian skincare industry uses a variety of topical treatments along with oral and intravenous medications in order to achieve fairer skin. With a market size of billions of dollars world-wide, this industry is generating close to a billion dollars in revenue from the Indian market alone. Talking about the full-body skin whitening treatment, Glutathione drips prove to be quite effective. It is effective, works fast and is more permanent that other solutions. The effects last forever if you take medication at regular intervals. It’s safe to say that it’s a semi-permanent skin whitening treatment.

Glutathione Drips

But first, What is Glutathione

Skin Whitening

Glutathione is a tripeptide made composed of the three amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine, which may be found in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats. It’s made in the human liver and is important for intermediate metabolism, immunological response, and overall health.

Glutathione medications are classified as pharmaceutical agents in Korea, Japan, and the People’s Republic of China. The concentrated Glutathione drips and injections are reported to provide skin brightening and anti-ageing properties as well.

How it works

So, what’s the deal with this glutathione and how does it work? Well for that we will have to look at the structure of melanin and how glutathione affects it.

Melanin, the pigment responsible for our skin tone, is made up of two constituents: eumelanin, which is blackish-brown, and pheomelanin, which is reddish-yellow. Skin will seem brighter and lighter in tone with a higher pheomelanin count.

Glutathione is linked to melanogenesis and its anti-melanogenic activities are due to a number of mechanisms, including encouragement of pheomelanin production rather than darker eumelanin. By inhibiting and blocking the tyrosinase enzyme(which boosts the production of pheomelanin), Glutathione has been shown to modify the process of melanin metabolism, changing dark pigmentations (eumelanin) into light pigmentations (phaeomelanin).

Glutathione drips have some anti-ageing benefits as well and are considered safe in most cases. Although, caution is warranted as the medical literature on its long-term effects is lacking and conclusive studies have not yet been conducted.

How long it takes & is it for You?

Skin whitening effects of Glutathione drips can be observed on light-to-medium brown skin in around one to three months whereas darker complexions may require upwards of six months of regular usage to see noticeable results.

However, it is widely reported that the benefits of glutathione are temporary and that continuous treatment is warranted to see long-term results. An appropriate dosage can ensure that glutathione keeps your skin healthy, bright, and plump. In some cases, the injections can be supplemented with glutathione pills in the long run and thus instead of being injected with drips over and over again, you can choose to have treatment through injections in the short term and go for maintenance of those results through pills in the long run.

The BB Glow Treatment

BB Glow is a new skin treatment that originated in South Korea, the world’s beauty capital. The above non-invasive procedure employs nano-needle technology to deliver micro-capsulated ingredients like manganese dioxide, arbutin, and hyaluronic acid into the skin’s outermost layers, brightening the skin, balancing hydration, improving pores and acne scars, and providing an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effect.

Skin Whitening

The perfect ‘No-Makeup” Makeup look

It is a highly effective semi-permanent foundation treatment that lasts 6 to 12 months and is designed to mimic the appearance of skin after applying the perfect BB cream with your Beauty Blender. The end result is the finest no-makeup makeup aesthetic you’ve ever imagined, and according to professionals, it only requires two sessions to achieve the intended effects.

One of the most important advantages of microneedling is the stimulation of natural collagen synthesis and skin renewal, which may be further enhanced by using a light pigmented serum.

Is it safe?

It is considered safe and comforting if it uses only the highest-quality ingredients, in the BB Serum, that should be devoid of parabens and scent. The treatment comprises of multiple procedures, including washing, exfoliating, oxygenating mask, MESO and BB shine serums, and LED light therapy, and is specifically personalized to address various skin conditions.

Ideal Treatment

BB Glow is a great treatment for a special event or any other time because it doesn’t require any numbing or recuperation time. At least four treatments spaced two weeks apart are advised for best results, with one treatment every two months to maintain the benefits.

This treatment is for you if you’re bored of your everyday make-up and foundation and want a safe, effective, and long-lasting alternative.


  1. Are they permanent?

No, sadly neither of BB Glow and Glutathione drips are permanent skin whitening procedures but they can be used for a long time in the appropriate dosage.

  1. Does it give an even complexion all over the skin?

Yes! BB Glow and Glutathione drips are both very adept at providing an even toned, fairer complexion.

  1. Are bleaching creams apt for skin whitening?

Definitely not! Bleaching creams can be very harmful especially considering the fact that most of them contain mercury which can cause cancer over the long run and is harmful even in trace quantities as it leads to mercury poisoning.